The next generation, free and fast open source internet browser.

Google Chrome is a browser that can work on most devices. Fully compatible with computer, phone and tablet, with fast browsing and different internet experience, Chrome: meets all your browser needs.

Download Google Chrome in English and use the internet faster and more efficiently. Start using Chrome today.

If you want to experience a different experience today, you can start downloading and using Chrome right away. Your tablet, phone, or personal computer can work in sync, and you can access your favorite connections from all of your devices at the same time. (Requires internet access.) You can transfer your settings between Chrome and your devices, sign in to each device to bring the same settings, your favorite sites, and your devices.

Also; Chrome is a Universal and Multilingual browser. So: You can use your browser for multiple languages. Download Chrome for more features right away.

Chrome download

Chrome is Fast

To experience a fast internet experience, you can use Chrome browser on your personal computer whether you are on an iPhone or Android.

Chrome Sync

Chrome makes it easy to transfer your bookmarks and settings to all your devices. By logging on to different devices, you can take your favorite settings to your other devices.

Why Google Chrome?

Chrome feature 1 Very fast navigation compared to different browsers. You can experience the internet experience as fast as ever.
Chrome feature 2 Extensions can be customized because they are open source.
Chrome feature 3 You can use one browser for all your devices.
Chrome feature 4 It’s free.

Chrome Products

Chrome simple and fast browser; tablets, and it is also used for telephones.
Chrome for Phone and Tablet
Chrome feature 1Google Chrome for Android devices: Android based phones, Google Chrome for tablets.
Download Chrome for Android

Chrome feature 2IPhone – Chrome for iPad: Google Chrome versions are available for iPhone and iPad devices.
Download Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Customize Chrome

Chrome ok Chrome Themes: Chrome offers a completely customizable option, allowing you to choose from different themes and styles and simply install it.
Chrome ok Chrome Extensions: With Chrome add-ons, you can customize and enhance your browser and experience different experiences.

Also; With Chrome, you can develop your own themes or plugins, and make them available for different people.